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Banned Movies Pilipinas provides the ultimate indie fix with a tantalizing slew of cutting-edge films and diverse musical performances that are fresh, original and hard to find. A typical  Banned Event is a showcase of quality films by award-winning indie filmmakers and live performances of indie bands on a monthly or bi-monthly basis – through a screening of selected short films, interspersed with live musical performances. The company has a slew of successful events under its belt since January 2007.

(BMP 1 : Full Freedom)

In six highly successful monthly events that made the rounds of bars in Quezon City, to growing audiences, BMP has “banned” the following directors: John Torres, Raya Martin, Janus Victoria, Jobin Ballesteros, Khavn dela Cruz, Seymour Barros Sanchez, and Roxlee. The BMP playlist boasts of an impressive roster of indie bands and solo artists from diverse genres (rock and roll, punk, reggae, R&B, pop): The Brockas, Los Chupacabras, Kiko Machine, Delakrus, Roxlee, Tengal, Arvi Bartolome, Linch XII, Lem’s Guitar, Taggu nDios, Severo, Pumping Pluto, Bored of Trustees, Final Vow, Things in Between U, Achroma, HUH!, Jeffplane, R-jho, Pow Navarro, Hoodlums in Robe, Furlong, Lagkitan, Girls Make us Cry, Soul Kitchen, Uprising, Spilled, 5th Street, Blister, Ignify, Falling Below Zero Degrees, Empty Red, Dahonpha, and Tropical Paradigm.

(BMP 3 : Audience Favorite Kiko Machine)

BMP is also the home of premieres, with the films “Gabi Noong Sinabi ng Ama Kong May Anak Siya sa Labas” (John Torres), “Long Live Philippine Cinema” (Raya Martin), “Literature” and “Philippine Bliss” (Khavn dela Cruz). Whether shorts or feature length films, blast your ears out rock ‘n’ roll or mindblowing performance art, BMP has it all.

Mark your calendars because BMP’s seventh highly anticipated installment, “Women on Top: Women Directors Get Banned!”, will take indie by storm on August 31 at Freedom Bar, Anonas, Quezon City.

While the addiction grows, BMP races to supply that much needed fix. Now is the best time to jump on the Banned-wagon. If you are a filmmaker seeking to expand your audience, or if you’re a band looking for a one of a kind gig, then join us for the ride. See exciting new films and listen to the best of Pinoy indie music as the perfect soundtrack for Banned events.

(BMP 5 : Performance Art with The Brockas)

Interested bands and performance artists, filmmakers, cineastes, and sponsors are welcome to headline upcoming BMP events. Check out photos, testimonials, and video clips on the BMP website to get a taste of what a BMP event is like.

(BMP 2 : Taggu nDios @ the UP Fair)

For more information about Banned Movies Pilipinas and our events, just  visit , , email  banned_movies@ or text 0917-3705454 or 0920-9226261.  Climb aboard the banned-wagon and join  Banned_Movies_Pilipinas@ to catch the latest updates

Posted by: Administrator Banned Movies Pilipinas on January 29th, 2015

Khavn with Joel Toledo (subtitle story,) Lawrence Ang (Editor,) Tengal


5th Street


Philippine Bliss : The Premiere

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